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Learn Spanish Today!
We invite you to try the classes at Foundation College of Foreign Language.
Learn a Language

If you really want to learn Spanish, French or English and don’t have much time to do it, we invite you to try the classes at Foundation College of Foreign Language.

FCFL, located in San Diego, California, offers language classes for all levels, from beginner through intermediate. Our instructors are experienced teachers.

When you attend classes at FCFL you don’t have to commit to several days a week. You just have to come once a week, and review your lesson at home.

Spanish Classes

View our current Schedule of Spanish classes in San Diego. If you have taken Spanish classes in the past and aren’t sure which Spanish course is right for you, one of our instructors can help you select the course that best fits your needs.
For the next session, we are offering the following levels of Spanish Classes:

Beginning Spanish

Intermediate Spanish

Advanced Spanish

Advanced Spanish Conversation

In addition to our San Diego Spanish Classes, Foundation College of Foreign Language also offers corporate Spanish language training. For more information, contact Elena Carrillo.

Why not be bilingual?

At my job I interact with people who only speak Spanish. I need to conduct business in their language.

I’m a teacher and some of my students have limited English skills. I’d like to know some Spanish so I can help them learn.

I have relatives who don’t speak English and I want to communicate with them (and understand what they might be saying about me!)

I’m dating someone whose first language is Spanish and Spanish is a romance language.

My husband/wife/friend and I want to travel to a Latin American country and want to be able to ask for directions, order food, shop, check into hotels.

In San Diego I come in contact with people who speak Spanish and I’d like to be able to converse with them in Spanish.

It’s fun to speak another language and it doesn’t hurt to try it!