HomePointe Cleaning Services provides the expertise and necessary tools to investigate, identify and manage your pet stains and odors before it’s too late. Our team comprises experienced individuals that can go the extra mile in the thing to explain and treat the odor, bacteria and stains over at their source without causing further damage. Unfortunately, many organizations just offer limited stain removal options with not much more than a temporary perfume for odors.

We understand your requirement for quality service and not using a ridiculous price. Our expert carpet cleaning service focuses on carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, urine stain removal and odor control. It is vital to handle pet issues QUICKLY before permanent damage leaves no alternative but replacement. Proper pet odor treatment also helps discourage the family pet from returning to the identical spot to set their territory. From UV Light and moisture meter inspections to enzymes, oxidizers and pairing agents, HomePointe Services is skilled and ready to handle perhaps the toughest pet issues with green cleaning methods that are at ease for everyone.

Best Carpet Cleaning Tips
Dealing with WET SPILLS (including URINE).

A typical mistake when you are working on wet spills is to simply throw a towel situated on the spill and step on it to absorb. We’ve all done it and it is more beneficial than doing nothing, but there is a greater way.


  • Wet Dry Vac or Shop Vac
  • White Spotting Towel
  • Warm Water
  • Green’s Best Soap Free Spotter and Odor Killer

WHAT TO DO: Get started with extracting equally as much of the liquid as they possibly can with a shop vac the moment the spill is noticed. Simply stepping linked to towel pushes the liquid deeper straight into the pad and sets up a larger spot of contamination. Continue extracting while drizzling (not pouring) warm water within the involved area to rinse your floor fibers. After thoroughly rinsed, continue extracting to eradicate as often liquid as possible.

If staining exist, follow with Greens’s Best Soap Free Spotter and a spotting towel as stated by the label directions. When the liquid was urine, vomit or feces inject the pad with Green’s Best Odor Killer by adjusting the spray nozzle to stream and pressing to carpet face and squeezing the trigger every few inches no matter what the affected area. Place a clean white (bleach free) towel or stack of plain white paper towels generated a weight on the realm cleaned. Any “wicking” as the world dries should wick into the towels.

Should I am going BAREFOOT or wear SHOES on my carpet?

It is a common ask about we obtain from customers and the reply may not be what you may think. While many cultures advocate eliminating shoes prior to entering a home, I’m approaching this solely from the attitude of protecting your carpet and tile investment. There’s no ask about that removing the shoes you’ve been wearing outside prior to walking on your carpet and tile is an excellent practice, BUT what steps do you take after that? Should you wear socks? Must you go barefoot?

Our recommendation is to either wear socks or dedicate a footwear or flip flops for indoor use only. We DO NOT recommend bare feet. Lotions, medications, moisturizers and natural skin oils are a problem for carpet. Their increase in traffic lanes attracts dirt. Dirt behaves like sandpaper, wearing away at your carpet and tile fibers. Many people mistake fiber damage for dirt in traffic lanes. Have you perhaps had your carpets cleaned, but traffic that lanes still look darker (particularly on light carpet)? This might not be soiling. Fiber damage “de-glosses” carpet and changes the way in which it reflects light.

Viewing a traffic lane under magnification would reveal dull, non-reflective fibers in the high wear areas and glossy, reflective fibers in unworn areas. Both shoes and bare feet lead to this traffic lane deterioration. More frequent vacuuming of incredible traffic areas and professional cleaning will greatly extend all the memories of your carpet.

Our Green Guard Carpet Protector, help to “encapsulate” soil and generate vacuuming more productive. Based on leading carpet manufacturers, ALL carpet must be cleaned at the least yearly, even when it’s an individual home. To attenuate traffic lane wear and extend the lifestyle of the carpet investment, areas subjected to number of people needs to be cleaned two times each year. If it appears dirty, you are waiting too long. These recommendations DO NOT CHANGE in accordance to the overall quality of carpet.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Service Roseville CA offers innovative stain and odor removal options in relation to dealing with accidents that will be brought on by your furry family member. We love pets, however they have the possibility it certainly doesn’t need to be the main cause some unsightly messes and ugly odors. You don’t have to suffer with a home that is overpowered by unpleasant pet odors. Allow us to restore your environment to one that is safe and comfortable for your family and pets.

So remove your shoes upon entering your home, but not your socks and get in touch with us to deal with that overdue cleaning!