Manatee County

Why the name Manatee? For those familiar with the Florida coastline, you know that the manatee is a large, gentle sea mammal likened to a cow. The area now known as Manatee County first developed its roots more that 450 years ago when a Spanish explorer named Hernando DeSoto discovered the coastline in 1539 while searching for the legendary lost city of gold, El Dorado. When the object of their search was not found, DeSoto and his crew left and the area remained unsettled until 1842 when Josiah Gates, another explorer, planted roots on the land and dubbed it Manatee County for the gentle mammals traversing the areas waterways. Visit Home Inspections

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Manatee County is situated within 150 miles of pristine Florida coastline. It encompasses 740 square miles of land area and 27 miles of glorious sugar-white sand beaches for your enjoyment.

Manatee County is home to seven cities, among them Bradenton, Anna Maria Island, Holmes Beach, Ellenton, Palmetto, Parrish, and Longboat Key. The total population for the entire county is 270,771.

The year-round tropical climate, 70-90 degrees in the summer and 50-70 degrees in the winter, are certainly the incentive to relocate to beautiful Manatee County. The balmy climate is perfect for those enthusiasts seeking year-round recreational activities, including golfing on one of Bradenton’s 25 golf courses.

Manatee County also offers a wide selection of homes, from new construction to Victorian renovations to condominiums. Add to the plentiful housing a very low cost of living in Manatee County and it is not surprising that more and more people are relocating to this waterfront community.

Gulf Beaches

Imagine: warm tropical breezes caressing your sun-baked skin as you languish on an isolated powdery, white-sand beach. In the distance, gulls dance and dive in the golden shadow of the sun as it dips lazily into the steamy waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

The above is more than flowery prose. It is a reality for those who visit Manatee County’s gulf beaches. Our beautiful sunny beaches stretch over twenty-seven miles of powdery white sand and sun-drenched gulf waters.

Longboat Key, a 12-mile long barrier island south of Anna Maria Island, is the best getaway for those looking for fine dining and shopping experiences. The island offers many exclusive rental homes and condominiums and a broad variety of boutiques for your shopping pleasure. A bike trail runs along the panoramic coastline of the island, permitting visitors to experience Florida’s natural beauty in all its splendor.

Of course, one cannot visit Manatee County without admiring the natural grace and beauty of Anna Maria Island’s sugary white sand beaches. With the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico kissing the western shore of the island and the Sarasota and Anna Maria Bays hugging the eastern shores, these beaches are a rare luxury and cannot afford to be missed.

On Siesta Key, you’ll find privacy and seclusion on Siesta Beach and the more isolated Turtle Beach. Pick up a favorite book and relax on the sun-warmed stretch of beaches or boat into among the lagoons and spend the afternoon dipping into the warm tropical waters.

Regardless of where you determine to spend the day, you’re sure to have a memorable experience that may last a lifetime.